∙ Pruning

  Pruning your trees properly will make them last longer and look better. We prune trees for a variety of reasons including dangerous limbs, overgrown trees impeding on structures, clearing views- always with the tree’s health and aesthetics in mind.




∙ Removals

When trees need to be removed, our team has the skills to get it done safely and efficiently. In tight situations, we use ropes and blocks, setting a rigging point to lower limbs and chunk the stem down in pieces.





∙ Thinning

Commonly needed in the Flathead Valley, we can turn your overgrown forest into a park like setting. We will remove small weak trees allowing more space and light for the larger trees, clear out debris that create a fire hazard, and remove dead lower limbs for safer, cleaner looking trees.



∙Emergency Storm Damage

Give us a call. Day or night if you need help we will be there.


 ∙ Fruit Tree Pruning 

Apple, pear, appricot etc. We will prune with a specific style for each species to optimize fruit production and aesthetics.                                                  


  Hedge Trimming

We can prune hedges and train them into the desired height and shape.   



∙ Fuels Reductions

Leaving brush, debris and dead wood around your property is a fire hazard. As the 2015 fire season showed, fire is a real hazard but can be mitigated with proper forsight. We can come in and remove unnecessary brush and debris to make your property safer in the face of fire in future years.

  Cabling If you have a nice tree but there is a part of it that is weak and likely to fail, we can use bolts and cables and other types of mechanical braces to support it and prolong its life.